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I'm leaving for London tomorrow, will be back on 28th.
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A) The update on the latest news:
1) The MoH is fighting with my insurance. I'm watching from the sidelines, waiting to clean up what left from the winner.
2) My trip to London is canceled for now - the Shelock Con is moved to the next year, without a date still.
3) I planned to go to New York next year, but don't have a clue now, what I'm going to do next year.

B) There is latest photoshot of my boys (which was made about a year ago).
Boys )

C) Got a new doll, 18" boy from Carpatina dolls. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm giving you Antares Gordon-Wayne (Andy for the family)
Andy )

D) There is an addition to my non-playing action dolls. In addition to the Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Han I have now Sherlock and John. Now I just need to add the Bruce Wayne & Alfred set and Lt. Jim Gordon figure and I'll be almost happy.
Dolls )

E) Thanks to my co-workers my knick-knacks shelf now have an addition of the three Japanese pipedroids and an unknown creature.
Knick-knacks )

F) For the people, who worried about me about selling my Star Wars collection: there still some stuff left. As you can see, two shelves are still full of Star Wars (the things I will not sell in my life) and one shelf which contains some Harry Potter stuff, some Batman stuff and a lot of cats.
Collection )

Black Dragon is out, till next time.
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The latest updates:

1) As of the last week, we are back to the square one. After the Minister of Health personal promise to bring the surgeon/s to the country (about three month ago), we completed the list of surgeons who are ready to come. The list transferred to the hospital to the care of the Head of the Department, with the order to precede the list, contact the doctors and arrange their arrival. The Head of Department played for time as much as he could and in the end declared that he will allow bringing any surgeon to the country only “over his dead body”. [I really don’t know (and honestly, don’t give a flying f…) what is his issue, but if I’ll meet him someday on a dark street – I’m not responsible for myself.]
So, we are waiting again for the MoH's decision, otherwise we ARE going to the High Court of Justice.

2) On the lighter side: looks like there is going to be Sherlock Con this year, so I’m planning a trip London again. YES!!!

Последние (хре)новости:

1) По состоянию на последнюю неделю, мы вернулись к исходной точке. После того, что министр здравоохранения лично пообещала (около трех месяцев назад), что привезут хирурга /ов в страну, мы предоставили список врачей, которые готовы приехать. Список передали в больницу на попечение главы отделения, с тем чтобы он наладил контакты с врачами и организовал их приезд. Начальник отдела тянул время сколько мог, и в конце концов заявил, что он позволит привезти любого хирурга только "через его труп". [Я действительно не знаю, (и, честно говоря, не е...т), в чем его проблема, но если я встречу его когда-нибудь на темной улице - я за себя не отвечаю.]
Так что, мы опять ждем решения МинЗдрава, в противном случае мы идем в Верховный Суд.

2) На более приятной ноте: похоже, что будет Sherlock Con в этом году, так что я опять поеду в Лондон. YES!!!

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