Sep. 13th, 2014

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A) The update on the latest news:
1) The MoH is fighting with my insurance. I'm watching from the sidelines, waiting to clean up what left from the winner.
2) My trip to London is canceled for now - the Shelock Con is moved to the next year, without a date still.
3) I planned to go to New York next year, but don't have a clue now, what I'm going to do next year.

B) There is latest photoshot of my boys (which was made about a year ago).
Boys )

C) Got a new doll, 18" boy from Carpatina dolls. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm giving you Antares Gordon-Wayne (Andy for the family)
Andy )

D) There is an addition to my non-playing action dolls. In addition to the Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon and Han I have now Sherlock and John. Now I just need to add the Bruce Wayne & Alfred set and Lt. Jim Gordon figure and I'll be almost happy.
Dolls )

E) Thanks to my co-workers my knick-knacks shelf now have an addition of the three Japanese pipedroids and an unknown creature.
Knick-knacks )

F) For the people, who worried about me about selling my Star Wars collection: there still some stuff left. As you can see, two shelves are still full of Star Wars (the things I will not sell in my life) and one shelf which contains some Harry Potter stuff, some Batman stuff and a lot of cats.
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Black Dragon is out, till next time.

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